• Roop Amrit

    Roop Amrit Rs.1499/-

  • Rudraksh Kavach Mala

    Rudraksh Mala Rs.2490/-

  • Sauna Vibrating Belt

    Sauna Belt Rs.1490/-

  • Shani Kavach

    Shani Kavach Rs.2750/-

  • Nicer Dicer

    Slicer Dicer Rs.1290/-

  • Automatic Soap Dispenser

    Auto Dispensar Rs.1990/-

  • Spy Pen Camera

    Spy Pen Rs.1999/-

  • Spine Massager

    Spine Mass. Rs.1990/-

  • Wizitt Hair Removal

    Wizzit Rs.1990/-

  • Fix it Pro Packet

    Fix It Pro Rs.990/-

  • Hanuman Kavach

    Hanuman PackageRs.2990/-

  • Slim n Lift Men's

    Slim N Lift Rs.1890/-

  • Slim n Lift Supreme

    Slim N SupremeRs.2290/-

  • Spine Spa

    Spin Spa Rs.1999/-

  • Massage Pro Slimming Belt

    Massage ProRs.2999/-

  • 1 Mukhi Rudraksh

    Rudraksha 1mukhiRs.1799/-

  • Nazar Raksha Kavach

    Nazar Raksha Rs.2100/-

  • Power Perfect Pore

    Power Pore Rs.1090/-

  • Hair styler

    Hair Styler Rs.2290/-

  • Chaze C99s

    Chase C99s Rs.2499/-

  • Breast Enhancer

    Breast Firming Rs.1499/-

  • Vaginal Care

    Vaginal Care Rs.1500/-

  • Ab Circle Pro

    Ab Circle Pro Rs.7999/-

  • Blood Circulatory Machine

    B.C.M Rs.6999/-

  • Car Utility Kit

    Car Utility Kit Rs.2299/-

  • Dent King

    Dent-King Rs.1290/-

  • Ervamatin Hair Oil

    Ervamatin Rs.1250/-


Hydraulic Floor Jack

Price:Rs. 2999/- Offer Price: Rs.2299/-

hydraulic floor jack


2 ton hydraulic jack


With high quality, glide action pressure pump. Powerful jack makes big loads easy to lift. Definately the easiest way to lift your car.

Compact structure comes in a handy portable blow case which can be easilly stored in the boot of the car.

Blow case size: 493 x 225 x 155mm

Easy operation & repair.

Reliable & portable.

Minimum effort for lifting heavy weights.


  • Capacity: 2 tons
  • Lifting range: 130-330mm
  • Net weight: 7.5kg


  • Capacity: 2MT
  • Min. height: 125mm
  • Max. height: 300mm

Saftety instructions:-

  • Lifting weight should not exceed the given specified capacity of this jack.
  • The jack should always be placed on a flat levelled and hard surface.
  • The contact between the top of the jack and the weight must be full.
  • Without a supporting rack, it is not allowed to work under the lifted weight after it is raised.