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  • Roop Amrit

    Roop Amrit Rs.1499/-

  • Rudraksh Kavach Mala

    Rudraksh Mala Rs.2490/-

  • Sauna Vibrating Belt

    Sauna Belt Rs.1490/-

  • Shani Kavach

    Shani Kavach Rs.2750/-

  • Nicer Dicer

    Slicer Dicer Rs.1290/-

  • Automatic Soap Dispenser

    Auto Dispensar Rs.1990/-

  • Spy Pen Camera

    Spy Pen Rs.1999/-

  • Spine Massager

    Spine Mass. Rs.1990/-

  • Wizitt Hair Removal

    Wizzit Rs.1990/-

  • Fix it Pro Packet

    Fix It Pro Rs.990/-

  • Hanuman Kavach

    Hanuman PackageRs.2990/-

  • Slim n Lift Men's

    Slim N Lift Rs.1890/-

  • Slim n Lift Supreme

    Body Shaper With StrapsRs.1990/-

  • Spine Spa

    Spin Spa Rs.1999/-

  • Massage Pro Slimming Belt

    Massage ProRs.2999/-

  • 1 Mukhi Rudraksh

    Rudraksha 1mukhiRs.1799/-

  • Nazar Raksha Kavach

    Nazar Raksha Rs.2100/-

  • Power Perfect Pore

    Power Pore Rs.1090/-

  • Hair styler

    Hair Styler Rs.2290/-

  • Chaze C99s

    Chase C99s Rs.2499/-

  • Breast Enhancer

    Breast Firming Rs.1499/-

  • Vaginal Care

    Vaginal Care Rs.1500/-

  • Ab Circle Pro

    Ab Circle Pro Rs.7999/-

  • Blood Circulatory Machine

    B.C.M Rs.6999/-

  • Car Utility Kit

    Car Utility Kit Rs.2299/-

  • Dent King

    Dent-King Rs.1290/-

  • Ervamatin Hair Oil

    Ervamatin Rs.1250/-



Gems are used to avert the negative influence of various planets or to increase their positive effects. The use of gems has been mentioned in the Vedic literature— The Brihat Samhita, Bhava Prakash, Ayurveda Prakash, Guruda Purana and the Rasa Ratna Samuchaya.

The gem therapy described in this book is based on the Vedic (Indian) or sidereal system of astrology.Each sign of the zodiac is ruled by a planet, and each planet gives off a cosmic vibration and rules, or is related to, certain gemstones. The gems absorb or reflect the planets’ vibration, or rays. Wearing the proper gem can increase a planet’s positive effect on the wearer because the gem acts as a filter that allows only positive vibrations to have influence.

Gems surround their wearer with an electromagnetic field. If a person is receiving a planet’s negative rays, wearing the correct gemstone can counteract those bad effects and allow only the planet’s positive effects to work on the person. Wearing a gemstone to counteract the malefic effects of a planet is like carrying an umbrella to avoid getting wet; the gemstone actually deflects a planet’s negative rays.

American Diamond (Ziricon)

Name: American Diamond (Ziricon)

Price:Rs 2000/-

Offer Price: Rs 1500/-

Description: Wearing Zarcons promotes material happiness, life span, prosperity, comfort, good harvests, artistic ability, creativity, marital happiness, physical

Amethyst (Kathela)

Name: Amethyst (Kathela)

Price: Rs 2500/-

Offer Price: Rs2100/-

Description: Amethyst protects against danger, travel problems, terror, thieves, accidents and problems from storms

Cats Eye (Lehsuniya)

Name: Cats Eye (Lehsuniya)

Price:Rs 2500/-

Offer Price: Rs2100/-

Description:Healthy Hair Lep is developed by using of specific and precious herbs, to proliferate natural hair or bare head.

Coral (Munga)

Name: Coral (Munga)

Price:Rs 2500/-

Offer Price: Rs 2100/-

Description: Coral turns inactive persons into active ones, helps build finances

Emerald (Panna)

Name: Emerald (Panna)

Price:Rs 3600/-

Offer Price: Rs 3100/-

Description: Emeralds help increase memory, which has the effect of also improving the wearer’s education and psychic abilities

Golden Topaz (Sunehla)

Name: Golden Topaz (Sunehla)

Price:Rs 2500/-

Offer Price: Rs 2100/-

Description: Golden Topaz is an effective gem which helps one become more aware, happier, creative, improve one’s concentration.

Hassonite (Gomed)

Name: Hassonite (Gomed)

Price:Rs 2500/-

Offer Price: Rs 2100/-

Description: Hessonite and its substitutes transmit the cosmic color, ultra-violet. It also works with insanity.


Name: Onyx

Price:Rs 2100/-

Offer Price: Rs 1500/-

Description: Onyx is sought after by people suffering from problems of the gums and teeth, bones, feet, blood and the bone marrow.


Name: Opal

Price:Rs 2500/-

Offer Price: Rs 2100/-

Description: Opals help with spiritual and religious life, finances, family life, and they improve one’s beauty.

Pearl (Moti)

Name: Pearl (Moti)

Price:Rs 2100/-

Offer Price: Rs 1500/-

Description: Pearls can help students concentrate better and with more mental peace.


Name: Ruby

Price:Rs 2500/-

Offer Price: Rs 2100/-

Description: Wearing rubies will protect one from diseases caused by imbalances in the bodily functions.

Salman Khan's Bracelet

Name: Salman Khan's Bracelet

Price:Rs 12000/-

Offer Price: Rs 8100/-

Description: Salman Khan's Lucky Charm