• Roop Amrit

    Roop Amrit Rs.1499/-

  • Rudraksh Kavach Mala

    Rudraksh Mala Rs.2490/-

  • Sauna Vibrating Belt

    Sauna Belt Rs.1490/-

  • Shani Kavach

    Shani Kavach Rs.2750/-

  • Nicer Dicer

    Slicer Dicer Rs.1290/-

  • Automatic Soap Dispenser

    Auto Dispensar Rs.1990/-

  • Spy Pen Camera

    Spy Pen Rs.1999/-

  • Spine Massager

    Spine Mass. Rs.1990/-

  • Wizitt Hair Removal

    Wizzit Rs.1990/-

  • Fix it Pro Packet

    Fix It Pro Rs.990/-

  • Hanuman Kavach

    Hanuman PackageRs.2990/-

  • Slim n Lift Men's

    Slim N Lift Rs.1890/-

  • Slim n Lift Supreme

    Slim N SupremeRs.2290/-

  • Spine Spa

    Spin Spa Rs.1999/-

  • Massage Pro Slimming Belt

    Massage ProRs.2999/-

  • 1 Mukhi Rudraksh

    Rudraksha 1mukhiRs.1799/-

  • Nazar Raksha Kavach

    Nazar Raksha Rs.2100/-

  • Power Perfect Pore

    Power Pore Rs.1090/-

  • Hair styler

    Hair Styler Rs.2290/-

  • Chaze C99s

    Chase C99s Rs.2499/-

  • Breast Enhancer

    Breast Firming Rs.1499/-

  • Vaginal Care

    Vaginal Care Rs.1500/-

  • Ab Circle Pro

    Ab Circle Pro Rs.7999/-

  • Blood Circulatory Machine

    B.C.M Rs.6999/-

  • Car Utility Kit

    Car Utility Kit Rs.2299/-

  • Dent King

    Dent-King Rs.1290/-

  • Ervamatin Hair Oil

    Ervamatin Rs.1250/-


Pearl Moti

Price:Rs 2100/- Offer Price: Rs 1500/-

Pearls are ruled by the Moon. Pearls strengthen the mind, increase memory, and help control anger. They have a calming and peaceful effect on the mind, and encourage feelings of compassion and love. They also help spiritual meditation.

Ownership of a good pearl brings wealth, sons, popularity, fortune, fame, and freedom from disease and grief. Hindu brides often wear pearl nose rings at their weddings in order to ensure happy marriages and to guard against widowhood.

Those who wear a perfect pearl will be blessed by Goddess Lakshmi to become rich. They will have long lives, good intelligence, attain wealth, happiness, success, general good luck, become famous, and receive important positions in life.

They will have patience, determination, purity, a dislike for anger, and a desire to do well. Pearls with a yellow luster give wealth. Red pearls increase intelligence. White pearls give fame. Blue pearls give good fortune. Pearls can help one become self-confident, and can make the work environment more peaceful.

Pearls can help students concentrate better and with more mental peace. They can help young married couples remain harmonious. If one has trouble finding a marriage partner, pearls can be worn to help alleviate this situation. Pearls are good for diplomats and those engaged in charity. They also help one develop creativity.

Ruling Planet: Moon

Wearing Day: Monday (best) in the evening.

Finger to Wear on: A pearl should be worn on the ring finger of either hand.

Zodiac: Cancer


Wearing Procedure:

  • First wash the gem in water (if possible Ganges water).
  • Then wash the gem in milk.
  • Then wash the gem again in water.
  • Incense should be offered.
  • The mantras for the planet should be chanted.
  • The ring should be placed on the hand.