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Ultrasonic Portable Washing Machine

Price:Rs 4999/-,Offer Price: Rs 3490/-
Ultrasonic Washing Machine

Power Saver

VOLCANO Silver 3in1 Ultrasonic portable washing machine (magic wash & disinfection & decarbonize) :-

VOLCANO SILVER technology is a multi-functional ultrasonic device, designed for washing machines and for the disinfection and softening of textiles. The new model VOLCANO Silver combines the technology of ultrasonic treatment of the textiles, the magnetic treatment of the water and the latest disinfectant technology - the Silver Technology.

The high efficiency of the ultrasonic technology is the major secret of the Volcano Silver Technology. The ultrasonic waves pass through the fibres of the textiles and wash without subjecting them to powerful mechanic impacts characteristic for the traditional washing machines. Via the magnetic processing of the water the poor quality washing effect of its “hardness” is eliminated. The effect is achieved through the combined action of the ultrasonic waves and the permanent magnetic field on the washing agent.

SILVER TECHNOLOGY unites the antibacterial action of silver and the most up-to-date technologies. It ensures the highly efficient antibacterial treatment of your clothes without the need of employing special agents or the “boiling out” process. All this is handled by the Silver Technology, thanks to which the washing solution is saturated with billions of silver nano-particles transferred into silver ions in a very short time and acting as a disinfectant. Thus, you won’t need to waste extra energy, damage the freshness of the colour of your laundry and even more, during the washing itself the fibres of the fabrics absorb the silver ions which retain their effect for a long time.

Volcano Silver Technology provides for faster and more efficient cleaning, disinfection and softening of textile products from natural and artificial materials. It guarantees the preservation of the colours as well as the structure and integrity of the fabrics.


VOLCANO Silver Technology consists of a power feeding block and an activator. The power block is mounted in a plastic body and consists of generator, which transforms the energy from the electricity mains into high frequency impulses. These impulses are then sent via a cable with double insulation to the activator, which is placed under the clothes in the washing solution.

The activator body contains an emitter of mechanical oscillations and a magnetic system which creates a field under the form of a symmetric sphere. All elements of the activator are manufactured from a special polymer, the Active Nano Silver Antibacterial Polymer (ANSAP®).

The ANSAP polymer contains silver in the form of nanoparticles to a size of 10-100 nm (1 nm = 1.10-9 m) and has a microscopic structure, permitting the free migration of silver nanoparticles in the washing solution. After the silver nanoparticles are released they dissociate into silver ions, which have a powerful antibacterial effect. The speed of the migration goes up in parallel to the increase of the temperature.

Around a temperature of 40° C the migration runs at a sufficient speed to reach concentrations of silver ions within t1.10 -7 to 2.10 -8 gion/l, which is about 3 to 4 times above the lower threshold where the antibacterial effects of the silver are felt.


The Volcano Silver Technology operates on the basis of the simultaneous effects of the actions of the ultrasonic waves, the magnetic field and the silver nanoparticles on the water. The emission of ultrasonic waves in water creates mechanical waves, which create in turn alternating zones of decreased and increased pressure. Liquids always contain dissolved gases released from the zones of decreased pressure to form numerous microscopic bubbles. Upon rise in pressure, the bubbles shrink but do not entirely disappear. Thus, each new phase of expansion and shrinking makes them change their size in parallel to the frequency of the oscillations exerting high pressure on the surface they are in contact with. These oscillations are transferred to the fabrics submerged in the water and accelerate the physical and chemical process of breaking the ties between the polluter and the fibres of the fabrics thus increasing the effect of the washing detergent.

The water used for washing and other domestic purposes contains minerals most of which are the hydro carbonates of calcium and magnesium. Water, containing high concentrations of hydro carbonates is usually called “hard water”. Washing with such water drives down the efficiency of the detergents as a result of the interaction between the surface active substances and the hydro carbonates. The resulting products are tightly connected to the fibres of the textile and give them a characteristic yellowish colour. As a result, our favourite clothes lose the beauty of their forms and brightness of colour.

In water, the hydro carbonates are in an ion state. The ions are surrounded with water molecules forming stable structures, called clusters. During the simultaneous effect of the high frequency mechanical oscillations which are generated by the ultrasound and the permanent magnetic field, the water is subjected to a magnetic hydrodynamic resonance. This leads to the faster destruction of the clusters, to the appearance of zones with higher ion concentrations and to the chemical crystallization of bad admixes.

One new important feature of VOLCANO Silver Technology is its disinfectant capacity without the need to boil the clothes at high temperatures. This effect is due to the antibacterial and anti-micotic action of the silver ions which are separated during the operation of the device.

The disinfecting action of silver has been known to humanity since ancient times. And for 6 thousand years people have not been able to find any related adverse effects. Ancient Greeks used to put silver object in their water and milk holding utensils in order to protect them against spoiling. The healing effect of the silver was known to the Greeks who noticed that people who used silver dishes are healthier than others.

The application of the antibacterial capacity of silver in modern day life has acquired new dimensions with the application of nanotechnologies. The prefix “nano” stands for a billionth part of something (in this case - part of a meter, or 10 -9). Nanotechnologies deal with the properties of substances and materials when their size is similar to that of the atoms and molecules.

The basis of Silver Technology are the unique characteristics possessed by silver under the form of particles of the size of 10-100 nm. In this state, silver has a specially well developed surface which releases a great quantity of silver cations (Ag+). The anti-bacterial action of silver is due to the powerful attraction of the silver kation to the vital enzymes of the micro organisms and thanks to the positive charge of the silver cations they connect closely with the sulphide groups of these enzymes thus blocking their activity for good. Scientific research has proven the efficiency of silver in relation to more than 650 enzymes.


Power feed voltage
(220-230) ± 10%/50 Hz
Input power
Frequency of major resonance
32 kHz ± 0,5 kHz
Acoustic power – not more than
0,08 W/cm2
Protection class
Degree of protection against water in the emitter
Volume of the processes textiles
Recommended Up to 2 kg at one time
Temperature of the washing solution
From +30 to + 80° C
Operation mode
Continuous with no restrictions
Level of sound emissions
< 35 dB
Product weight
240 g
Ambient operational conditions: Ambient
temperature: Relative humidity: Atmospheric
From +10 to + 40° C Not more than 90% at 25° C From 630 to 820 mm/Hg

The level of noise emission is measured in the air at a height of 1 meter from the vessel containing the activator.

The brief instruction :

  • Step 1 Choose a suitable container corresponding to the amounth of clothes which tou intend to wash. Fill the vessel with warm water, then add detergent and stir until it is completely dissolved.
  • Step2 Place the radiating disk at the center of the vessel. Load the clothes which should float freely in the contained water. Connect the adapter to the power supply and switch it on. The washing procces will be completed in 50 to 60 minutes.
  • Step3 Switch off the device. Rinse and hang out. Enjoy the excellent results and the unsurpassed freshness of the clothes.