How to recover photos from an Android phone after deletion?

how to recover photos and videos on android after deleting from phone
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The question arises, “is it possible to recover deleted photos on Android after deleting them from the gallery,” and the answer to it can be very comforting. If you accidentally deleted photos from your Android device, don’t despair. There are several methods by which you can return lost images, including those that were deleted from the gallery. It is important to act quickly, because the sooner the recovery process begins, the higher the chance of preserving valuable memories.

Understanding how memory works on Android devices

An important aspect in the recovery process is understanding how it works memory of your smartphone. The internal memory of Android devices is divided into segments, one of which stores information about your files, including photos and videos. When data is deleted, the system does not erase it completely, but only marks the space occupied by this data as free for new recording. That is why actually “deleted” files physically remain on the device for some time.

Once you understand “what happens to the data after deletion”, you realize that “is it possible to recover deleted photos and videos on Android after deletion?” from the phone.” The chances of successful recovery remain as long as the data is not overwritten with new content.

Ways to recover deleted photos

There are several ways to recover lost images:

  1. Recovery through built-in Android tools:
    • You can answer the question “is it possible to recover deleted photos on Android after deleting them from the recycle bin?” with just one movement of your hand? Yes, if you use the Google Photos app, which has a dedicated Trash section. Photos can be recovered from this folder for up to 60 days after deletion.
    • It’s also worth looking at the built-in “Recently Deleted” folder on many devices, which may contain your photos.
  2. Programs and applications of third parties for data recovery:
    • DiskDigger Photo Recovery – this application allows you to “recover photos and videos on Android after deleting from your phone”, scanning the device memory to recover recently deleted files.
    • Dr. Fone – data recovery offers deeper scanning and effective data recovery, you just need to connect the device to your computer.

Prevention and tips to prevent photo loss

In addition to understanding “how to recover deleted photos from an Android phone from the trash”, it is important to lay the foundation for protecting your data in the future:

First of all, it is worth organizing regular data backups, which is an integral part of your data security strategy. The second important component is the use of cloud photo storage services, which provide not only backup, but also the ability to access your images from any device, anywhere.

Backup servicesFeatures of use
Google PhotosAutomatic backup; Unlimited storage in compressed quality
DropboxEasy synchronization; Integration with computer systems
Yandex.DiskConvenient access from Russia; Plenty of storage space

Recovery without using a computer

Even if you are unable to use a computer to recover deleted photos, don’t lose hope. Modern mobile apps offer an effective solution that may surprise you with its power and ease of use. Applications such as DiskDigger or EaseUS MobiSaver work directly on your device and can sometimes recover data without any prior setup or additional knowledge.

A quick start is key – recovery should begin as soon as possible after files are deleted. Install recovery apps only from trusted sources, such as the official Google Play app store, to avoid additional harm from malware.


In conclusion, even if  If you accidentally deleted important photos from your Android device, don’t despair – there is a chance to restore them. It is important to act quickly and use reliable tools. In addition, don’t forget to prevent similar situations in the future – cloud services and regular backups can save you from data loss.

Remember one important thing: the sooner you take action, the more chances you have for success. . Follow the tips and instructions provided, and your memories will remain with you.

Frequently asked questions

Question 1: Is it possible to recover photos after resetting the phone?< /p>

Answer: Restoring photos after a hard reset is more difficult, but sometimes possible. You will need specialized applications or services that are capable of deeply scanning the device’s memory for remnants of old data.

Question 2: How safe is it to use third-party applications for recovering photos?

Answer: Using third-party apps is relatively safe as long as you download them from trusted sources such as the Google Play Store and they have high user ratings and positive reviews.

Question 3:Are photos permanently deleted after emptying the Trash in Google Photos?

Answer: Yes, once you empty the Trash in Google Photos, the images are considered to be are deleted forever. However, there is a chance to recover them within a limited period of time using specialized recovery tools.

Question 4: Does having root access affect the ability to recover deleted photos?

Answer: Having root rights can increase the chances of a successful recovery, since some applications require advanced rights to deeply scan the system and access internal memory sections.

< strong>Question 5:What actions should you avoid after deleting photos to increase the chances of their recovery?

Answer: Immediately after you discover the loss of photos, Avoid installing new apps, taking new photos, or downloading files to minimize the risk of overwriting deleted data.